Bore Womara - Oral History interview recorded on 7 July 2014 at Karakadabu/Depo, Central Province, PNG


Mr Bore Womara tells the story of his father Womara Wabuta who was a traditional medicine man during the War. He used his skills to heal bullet wounds.



Warning: This site contains stories of war. Some of these interviews may include detailed and graphic descriptions of events and experiences that may be disturbing for some individuals.

Bore Womara
Father: Womara Wabuta
Village: Eveidigi , there was shortage of man power. There were so many wounded soldiers..
1960-62 I was born.
My father was a sorcery man.. we called him as sanguma.
He was based at the military hospital. He used herbs and magic words from Koiari to heal them.
Custom doctor, his job was to go to military barracks, hospital and see if any soldiers were not healed quickly, he will treat them using traditional medicine. He helped the soldiers, and treated the wounded and sick.
His job is to go to the barracks hospital, treat wounded and sick, used herbs: bullet , fresh ones he used to treat them.
He used to work from here to Ioribaiwa.
Was the hospital short of supply? Yes. I still have those herbs with me.
Ia be ia gari lass, he can go into the enemy camp without fear .. as an invisible man, through traditional practices..
Taunimanima momo herea idia saved.
Lived in the cave.. they never lit candle.

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