Samie Toina - Oral History interview recorded on 7 July 2014 at Karakadabu/Depo, Central Province, PNG


Mrs Samie Toina tells the story of her father who was recruited to worked as a carrier and labourer during World War Two for the Australians and Americans.


Warning: This site contains stories of war. Some of these interviews may include detailed and graphic descriptions of events and experiences that may be disturbing for some individuals.

It was at 12 Mile that my father was recruited to be a war carrier. An Army man called Mr Candine came and told them to go to Koitaki. They used to go to Vesulogo. Wok bilong em bilong karim kaikai igo long ol soldiers. He was a labourer.. at that time he was 16 years old. Sometimes they used horses to transport things.
This is the story of my father – Here is how he experienced the war. When the war came my father witnessed how two American soldiers fought at the Imita Ridge. It was here at the Papuan Courier where they were based. When the Japanese placed great pressure on our troops he saw two brothers fighting back to back: but the sad part of the story was that the younger one was shot by the Japanese. It was very desperate situation, because the message was given to them that at 12 o'clock the Japanese will take over Papua/ i.e. Port Moresby.
He was a carrier, and he was part of the group who later became known as the fuzzy wuzzy angels. They used to carry cargoes from Ilolo to Ioribaiwa and others took over from there.
From 1983- 1984 my father and others heard that some payments were to be given to them. But they did not hear anything from the Australian Government nor the PNG Government. That was when they were still alive- but now they are dead. My father died in 2005. But generally the Koiari people received no payment. In other places maybe there were some payments but as for ours there was nothing. However, we are grateful for your coming here to record our stories.

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