Dixie Tamati - Oral History interview recorded on 7 July 2014 at Karakadabu/Depo, Central Province, PNG


Mr Dixie Tamati tells the story of his father Tamati Babo who worked as a carrier for the Australians during the War.



Warning: This site contains stories of war. Some of these interviews may include detailed and graphic descriptions of events and experiences that may be disturbing for some individuals.

Dixie Tamati
Father: Tamati Babo
Depo –Australian army depot
Karakadabu- Depo English word
Bisianumu, patrol officer here
Thank you I am happy to relate the story of my father.
Carrier work- smart , because em well built man.. Jimmy Dapson, last part of the war, em no firing, end of 1942, carried to Ioribaiwa to Ofi Creek, white man told them to look in the bag, full of leaves, father wanted to shoot them but the white man said no don't. they are not ready to fight because they have no food. No armunition, no food, they are surrendered.
Em can speak liklik English..
Am happy about my father because he contributed to 1942 war. Australians must recognise Koiari Sogeri,
Depo must be recognized.. big monument must be built...
My tour company..Australian Angels...
Australians must compensate Papuans, esp Sogeri valley.
My people must be recognized.

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