Kone Daube - Oral History interview recorded on 7 July 2014 at Karakadabu/Depo, Central Province, PNG


Mr Kone Daube tells the story of his grandfather Marioori Mokuta who worked as a labourer for the Australians and his father who was a teenager during the War.



Warning: This site contains stories of war. Some of these interviews may include detailed and graphic descriptions of events and experiences that may be disturbing for some individuals.

Kone Daube, Mariori Mokuta, grandfather-at Koitaki
Working at Koitaki when the war came.
Macdonald Koitaki parade ground they planned for the war - 1942 war since 1939.
Koitaki did not leave Macdonald
Was posted to be at the main base camp at Donadabu 39-40, 41 42
My grandfather Marioori Mokuta war
When Macdonald left for war
Said to Mariori you will work as a war carrier Nakitawai.
Load cargo all the way to Naduri in Mt Koiari, swap when others carry from there on and they – in return journey carried wounded back did not come empty handed. Came to Owers Corner where car pick up at PIB Camp.
When my father was 13 years old, they went and hid in the stone house, under the tree houses not safe so they hid in stone houses. Plane go pass they would go.
When Australian number went down American soldiers came, some came through Alotau. Tiger troops-Americans came to Port Moresby, came to Gaba Gaba then they came to Ower's Corner...All the Japanese were wiped out. When Macdonald went Bob Mac took my father and taught him to drive car.
When war finished, Macdonald continued his business, his son Bob Mac was his son, good relations who took over, he taught my father to drive car,
Then Collin Seftin came to run the business, my grandfather was a cook boy.
Johnson came to run rubber plantation.
Matthew and Andrew they used to play rugby league came.... my father taught him how to ride motor bike.
Then Nick came.... Bomb was dropped...practise drop bomb, my old people Donadabu hide
Not a cook but a carrier.
Macdonald was not a fighter. But There is a monument at his place holding gun which show that he may have been a fighter.
Allied forces..
Story of Katue..from Goaribari in Gulf Province, trick the Japanese in traditional dress and fooled Jap.. collect food, ripe banana and pawpaw..went into Jap mess, pretend to serve them ... Went and hid his machine gun in the pumpkin garden- next to Japanese camp ... Inside the mess at the dinnertime, went came back got his gun and wiped out the Japanese.
Iarowari High was the army hospital aid post...dorm 7, after the war ..war spirits used to move around at night. Said sleep tasol don't m at the My bubu took my father to sleep at waole.. one full dressed uniformed spirit came to stay there.
White soldiers' looks were so fierce that our forefathers were to obey orders ... Do this, do that and they used to obey.
My father saw a ghost... dressed in uniform...
When the war ran....
Worked only during day..
I got some evidence... Later I

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