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Mr Lucian Mongagi described his experience of the Japanese landing at Sanananda, the Buna and Sanananda communites' experiences of displacement during the War, and the end of the war. Also tells the story of the killing of Sisters Parkinson and…
Naris Baiko tells the story of his experiences as a child during WWII.
Mr Orie Kori tells the story of his father Korie Inara who worked as a scout and carrier for the Australians during the Kokoda Campaign.
Mrs Ayuk relates her experiences of both the first and the second second World War. At the time of the first war, she was newly married. It was at time that she witnessed Japanese invasion of Lakurumau. She tells of an experience where (she believed)…
Philip Anian tells the story of his experiences as a child during WWII.
Mr Suap tells of his experience of being one of Aisoli Salin's student. He tells of how Aisoli Salin emphasised the importance of education.

Mr Lamangau tells of how he heard about Aisoli Salin when he was a student; he also found Aisoli's book…
Mrs Samie Toina tells the story of her father who was recruited to worked as a carrier and labourer during World War Two for the Australians and Americans.
Mr Seba Orogu tells the story of his father Orogu Seba who joined the Papuan Infantry Battalion during the War.
Selip Igai tells the story of his parent's experiences during WWII.
Mrs Wilma Salin talks about her memories of her late husband, Aisoli Salin, and she is joined and supported by her family members, Mr Alfred Lalu Salin, Mrs Rachael Salin and Mrs Rosie Salin.