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Mrs Samie Toina tells the story of her father who was recruited to worked as a carrier and labourer during World War Two for the Australians and Americans.
Mr Bore Womara tells the story of his father Womara Wabuta who was a traditional medicine man during the War. He used his skills to heal bullet wounds.
Mr Joel Enda Taira Sanata tells his own story of being a child when Japanese forces cam to their village. His father Taira Sarua Sanata was taken by the Japanese to be a guide in the Kokoda Campaign. His brother was executed at Higaturu.
Mr Gideon Warite tells the story of his father Warite Koare who worked as a carrier for the Australians during the War. He also speak about his mother and the other villages having to hide in caves during the War to avoid the fighting.